ToooAir 2021 Series

Combining multiple device platform solutions has been a key part of the growth for the product range for ToooAir in 2020. Developing devices that are capable of multiple device functionality and system connectivity has been a key focus for the team at ToooAir. Listening to client requests of “nice to have products” and determining how we could achieve each unique product solution. ToooAir have launched the sophisticated yet user friendly RG360, RG530 smartphones and TC500 body worn camera.

TC500 Body Worn Camera

The body worn camera is capable of both live streaming and push-to-talk two-way radio offers an all in one solution for multiple operation applications. The unit means operators no longer require several devices such as body cameras, radios, GPS trackers, SOS buttons, lone worker and NFC wands. The camera once coupled with the ToooAir system becomes all the operational devices in one. With easy drop-in cradles and attachable body clips, the camera offers smooth end work shift data backup operation.
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RG360 Smartphone

Compact Android smartphone with dedicated PTT and SOS button offers a small handheld solution for push-to-talk two-way radio, phone calls and third-party management applications. The ruggedized device can handle knocks and drops from heavy handed users while still maintaining the feature rich connectivity of Cellular, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS and Bluetooth. Once connected into the ToooAir system gains access to the full system feature set ToooAir provides. Capable of installing third party applications for NFC and Bluetooth beacon reading the unit becomes an all in one device for two-way radio, user tracking and emergency phone calls.
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RG530 Smartphone

High performance ruggedized smartphone with dedicated PTT, SOS and accessory interface for speaker microphones and covert accessories. The large 5” display handheld is rated to military 810H and IP68 standards with a powerful octa-core CPU for multiple application processing. Designed to replace your current everyday smartphone, work phone and two-way radio in the one device. Dual SIM cards enable seamless multi number communication to the single device. Connecting a speaker microphone to the accessory interfaces brings the familiar feeling of a traditional two-way radio to the modern smartphone.
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PTToC Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) is a technology offering VoIP two-way radio communication over a Wide Area utilising the cellular phone data networks.

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