PoC changing Australian Comms industry

Australia's first cellular radio transceiver

The most important components for communications equipment used by the Australian workforce has always been durability, reliability and usability, with two-way radios or land mobile radios always offering the best solution.
Recent modifications in access to wide-range communications such as high-speed wireless and the cellular network has changed the available opportunities for the workforce, offering previously inaccessible products and communications networks. 

So, what is push-to-talk over cellular and why is the new tech useful for the Australian commercial communications market?

First of all, push-to-talk is a form of instantaneous communication using a button to switch the device from voice transmission to voice reception. Often referred to as a ‘Two-Way,’ push-to-talk allows the user to immediately communicate with a wide group of people or a single person over a specific group network and open frequency.

As a result of the vast cellular communications networks, such as Telstra, there is no longer any need to limit range of communication to traditional LMR/PMR radio networks. In fact, ToooAir’s product is powered by Telstra, and can now communicate nationwide to any device operating over the same network.

Other features of the product that simply were not commonly available through traditional analog systems include: private calls, voice recording, GPS tracking, dispatcher platforms, group calls, text messaging, in-building reception and an ability to “Stun” a radio.

Increased mobility of the workforce, unnecessary technology complexity and costs, and the requirement to replace units over time has led to the need for traditional radio systems to evolve into the digital age. Communications expert and General Manager of ToooAir, Peter Langbart, discusses this tech-driven movement: “We’re pleased to be one of the first in Australia to offer this innovative product solution and are eager to get these radios in the hands of operational teams and managers.

“Traditional LMR and PMR radio systems simply aren’t cutting it anymore. Australia’s workforce is becoming more geographically diverse and this causes issues for dated communications systems which rely on the close proximity of users. ToooAir’s Push-to-Talk over Cellular technology solves this issue and has added capabilities such as dispatch software and GPS tracking.”

When considering the features of push to talk over cellular it’s important to note that many of these capabilities provide significant cost reduction and increased safety to the workforce that use them.

A prime example is the GPS tracking software built into each unit. GPS software provides continual tracking of users and a built in “loan worker” feature offers the ability to set timers for individuals working in difficult environments. This feature also includes an SOS emergency alarm that can be initiated from a radio, immediately displaying the location of the user to available members, along with an audible alarm to alert the team.

This dispatcher software is unlike traditional radio systems as a result of its capability to be used on a PC rather than a hard console. The user-friendly display gives quick visual indication of who is “On-Air”, what group they belong to and where they are. The platform also records voice and location, offering the ability for a dispatcher to pull recordings and locations from users six weeks prior.

Mr Langbart, discusses the necessity for workforces to adopt this technology to provide employees with increased safety: “Every day the Australian workforce is stuck in environments or situations that can potentially be dangerous or extremely stressful. “

“Because of this, it’s important that all users and team members have opportunity to use the modern technology that’s integrated in our ToooAir products to avoid injury or review communications issues. Safety for our Australian workforce is of paramount importance, which is why we’ve integrated excellent functions into our products.”

As push-to-talk over cellular evolves and provides enhanced communication across Australia, businesses need to take into consideration the durability and capability of ToooAir’s Australia-built product. ToooAir is made for the Australian work force, whether on-site, off-site or in transit and is pushing traditional communications into the digital age.

For more information visit www.toooair.com.au or call (02) 9157 0540


PTToC Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) is a technology offering VoIP two-way radio communication over a Wide Area utilising the cellular phone data networks.

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