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The ToooAir product range includes a wide range of features to offer excellent software solutions to the Australian workforce, and provide a premium, adaptable communications product to operational staff.

Communications expert and General Manager of ToooAir, Peter Langbart, discusses the new capabilities of radio: “Traditional radio networks and instruments are extremely limiting and simply aren’t keeping up with the technology that we use on a daily basis.

“Could you imagine having to rely on a close proximity with another user to speak to them over the phone or through a radio transceiver? We provide Australia-wide coverage through the cellular network with no additional charges for infrastructure. It’s a one-to-one or one-to-many solution that has come as a result of the recent technology boom, and we’re excited to have our product used in the Australian market.”

Below are some of ToooAir’s product features and why they are so essential for operational communications todays.

Data recovery

As a result of ToooAir’s push-to-talk radio operating over the cellular network, managerial and operational staff have the additional function to pull data from up to six weeks prior. This data can be either location data, recordings or ingoing/outgoing communication.

This capability allows operational staff the opportunity to review situations where there may have been an operational or communications issues and provide active feedback as to how this situation can be resolved or avoided in the future.

The location and GPS data can also be used to build road maps of each individual radio user and provide an analysis of specific work locations or travel destinations and methods.


Geo-location services have become increasingly common among everyday consumer devices, with many applications using location-based data to serve users with information relevant to their location.

Much like geo-location technology, geo-fencing uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to track and monitor all active users, offering the ability to lay a virtual perimeter around users. This allows companies to monitor everything inside this virtual boundary, both from a logistical and operational standpoint.

ToooAir has the geo-fencing feature on all devices and dispatch software, providing operational personnel with a constant stream of live location data of each individual user. This information and data can then be used in situations where one may rely on geographic location data to locate a member of the workforce or locate the device itself.

Geo-fencing is extremely effective for the transport industry across Australia, with many members of the workforce completely strenuous, long-term trips across the continent. If for example, a truck driver was to complete a freighting trip from Sydney to Brisbane, the dispatcher could easy create a geo-fencing barrier to ensure the driver could not leave the previously defined virtual area without setting off radar alarms.

This means that if the truck was to be stolen or the radio device itself had been stolen, the leaving of the geo-fenced area would set off an audible and visual alarm on the dispatching device, alerting the necessary members of staff.

Stun function

The stun function, much like the geo-fencing function, can be activated based on the location of the radio device, or it can be activated manually. To protect the radio devices from theft, and subsequent access to private data, radio devices can be stunned, stopping them from functioning while still providing GPS tracking on the device.

Mr Langbart believes “the stun function is an extremely important function on the device. It’s not uncommon for workforce employees to have their radios lost or stolen, or even have their vehicles stolen, and this creates a major issue for workforce communication and company costs.”

“The stun function is a simple little fix for what is quite a major issue, and as the ToooAir products are adopted more widely, the stun function will act as a simple deterrent for criminals.”

Other features of the product range include: private calls, voice recording, group calls, unlimited coverage, instant voice and text messages, and an exclusive ToooAir dispatching software, allowing quick and easy visibility of all users across a fleet.

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PTToC Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) is a technology offering VoIP two-way radio communication over a Wide Area utilising the cellular phone data networks.

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