Crafted for the Australian Environment


The TA-995 mobile radio is the only one of its kind in Australia, capable of both push-to-talk over cellular (PTToC) and UHF 80 channel CB radio. This radio has been developed not only for the harsh environment in Australia but also the large geo-locational communication hurdles Australia has to offer. The radio can communicate with on-site UHF channels and gain access to the ToooAir Australia wide coverage PTT system, moving communication from UHF line of site to Australia wide encrypted private communications in one radio.

The TA-995 has been in development for just over 2 years with the first 3D printed model, printed in 2018. The radio’s design was based off the experience and knowledge gained from 60 years of combined radio industry experience between the ToooAir team. The features and functionality of the radio were designed around a sophisticated yet user-friendly radio, that any user could start operating without in-depth training but also having the more advanced features for the pro-active user.


Numerical keypad microphone with dual PTT tactile buttons, capable of user 3-digit quick dialling.

Cellular connectivity, Telstra 3G/4G & 4GX.

Analogue connectivity, 1 - 80 Channels CB, UHF 400 - 480MHz (10W).

Increased audio codecs with 4kb and 8kb voice codecs compatibility, offering clearer audio.

Loud front facing speaker at 3W and a rear external 3.5mm speaker jack.

The capability of group monitoring multiple groups across the ToooAir system & analogue channel scan, scanning the channel scan group (user customizable).

Mode TX. & RX. priority selection, the radio can automatically select a mode to transmit on based off the last transmission received.

GPS tracking and voice recordings, the ToooAir system integrated into the radio enables live fleet tracking and voice recordings for up to 6 months.

The mobile radio can receive messages from Dispatch of up to 200-characters long.

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PTToC Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) is a technology offering VoIP two-way radio communication over a Wide Area utilising the cellular phone data networks.

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