How it Works

ToooAir PTToC (Push-To-Talk over cellular) technology is a cloud-based communication solution.

From the press of a button your voice is being sent through the cellular network or internet to the ToooAir cloud which securely forwards the transmission to other users connected to your cloud. The ToooAir PTToC solution is not restricted by range or states, the coverage is Australia wide.

ToooAir hosts a dedicated yet flexible virtual communication cloud designed around your custom requirements. This virtual cloud is then accessed from a range of different products from dedicated hardware (TA-Radio range) through to software like our app and PC dispatcher.

PTToC Features

One to One (Private Call)


One to Many (Group Call)


Unlimited Groups


Private Groups

sometext   Secure digital encryption to protect your data

GPS & Live Fleet Tracking


Voice Recordings



3 Months Backup

Safety Features

Lone Worker Timer
SOS Duress Alert - Zoom to users' location
Stun User - Remotely disable a radio
GPS Tracklog Display - 3 Months Backup

Call Features

Talk Over Hierarchy 
Quick 3-Digit User Dial - Private Call
Force User To Join Group - Manage users' talk groups
Missed Call Alert - Audible tone for 30 minutes
Geo-Locational Calling - Private and Group Call 


Behind the Scenes

Push-to-Talk is a form of instantaneous communication using a button to switch the device from voice transmission to voice reception. Often referred to as a ‘Two-Way,’ Push-to-Talk allows the user to immediately communicate with a wide group of people or a single person over a specific group network. The technology behind Push-to-Talk has now been digitalized and is capable of being broadcasted via the cellular network, hence the name Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC).

Network Topology


PTToC Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) is a technology offering VoIP two-way radio communication over a Wide Area utilising the cellular phone data networks.

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